If you have an idea for a cool, engaging public science project but are not sure where to start, you came to the right place. I can provide consulting services both in person and at a distance.

You can find examples of the digital and public outreach experience on my personal website, and read the About page here.

Some of the things I can do for you include:


  • Create an attractive map for an event or report
  • Analyze information geographically
  • Manage archaeological or historical data collection (including paperless!)
  • Clean up existing geographic data
    • Organize
    • Plan for data preservation
    • Ensure data will be usable in the future


  • Design and build a digital exhibit
  • Design and install a physical exhibit


  • Teach your group about archaeology
  • Create a custom lesson with student materials and teaching plan
  • Design a community outreach program for your organization
  • Train you in effective and safe use of social media for promoting your organization or academic research

If you are interested in hiring me, or have questions about whether I could provide a service not listed above, please email me: HeritechConsulting(at)