Mapping Assistance

In archaeological work, having consistent, clear, and well-documented mapping procedures is critical to site preservation. I can help you ensure that your project runs smoothly by setting up your mapping protocol, giving you a custom made guide for staff and students to use, and supervising mapping setup using your equipment.

As a technical specialist, I understand how this data must be managed to save you time, money, and frustration. As an educator, I know how to communicate these principles to clients, staff, and students so that the field season goes smoothly. I can participate in your project at whatever level you need – strategic planning only, planning and teaching, or conducting the mapping myself.

One student using total station mapping device on tripod while another student stands on the other end of a cemetery with the mapping prism on a pole

What can I do for you?

  • Create an attractive map for an event or report
  • Analyze geographic data
  • Manage archaeological or historical data collection process (including paperless!)
  • Clean up existing geographic data
    • Organize data
    • Plan for data preservation (prevent loss)
    • Ensure data will be usable in the future